Case Studies

The Project

Our client AMT Systems Ltd asked us to supply and install six off-site prefabricated packaged filter units, as part of an integrated project at one of their waste water facilities in the North West. These large, innovative modular steel rapid gravity filters would go some way towards ensuring they made maximum use of the space available onsite.

We also needed to consider that these units were to be brought into the site by road, and we had to account for this at both the design and transportation phase.

Each of these stainless steel units were manufactured from 316L and measured 4 m x 14 m x 6.5 m high. They comprised of thousands of profiled, formed, rolled and shaped sections, cut using the latest laser and water jet technology. CNC-operated forming equipment was used to ensure the task was completed to the highest standard.

We were able to speed up fabrication by laser etching additional hole positions and assemble lines, reducing the time needed for marking out. Each individual item was also laser etched with its own unique batch number to prevent items being assembled incorrectly.

Due to the size of the completed tanks and the logistical limitations of having to transport them by road, we elected to fabricate and deliver each tank in two halves.

The Result

Projects on this scale are usually expected to take between 24-30 months. Our experienced team were able to successfully complete this £1.7 million order within ten months, well within the client’s specified timeframe and with no disruption to our normal day-to-day operations.

Material for the units was supplied and fabricated within four months, with the rest of the time spent on transporting, locating and site commissioning.

Our hard work, speed and dedication were rewarded when this project subsequently received a globally recognised award.