Saw Cutting

About Us

The P.P. Brand – Our Vision and Mission

To support global supply chains through the delivery of complex solutions to a broad spectrum of industries, by using constant innovation and ongoing investment in the latest profiling and processing technology. Autonomation is at the heart of everything we do as a group and our ultimate goal is to take autonomation to all our customers and suppliers, in order to reinforce global supply chains. We believe it is our heritage, expertise and innovative approach to processing techniques that has enabled us to support supply chains since 1976. The P.P. Group is proud of our strategic partnerships with our clients, which are always based upon trust, support and environmental sustainability.

Autonomation Explained

Autonomation allows operators to work harmoniously with their machines and is the inspiration behind our ongoing commitment to technological innovation and corporate social responsibility.

The P.P. Brand – Our Values

By utilising knowledge, experience and professionalism in everything we do, we aim to deliver the ultimate service to our clients. Whilst on our journey, we will continue to inspire the industry to follow the ‘P.P. Way’ in processing, material management, process excellence and customer service by placing our brand values – people and autonomation – at the core of everything we do.

The P.P. Way – Our Philosophy

It is the ongoing development of our workers that enables P.P. Group to offer exceptional levels of service, which in turn allows us to establish long lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers. We recognise that the value provided by our dedicated, highly-skilled workforce is greater than the sum of its parts. At P.P. Group, we believe staff retention is vital, which is why we foster strong collaborative relationships with all our workers and encourage personal development through education and training. We also have onsite Gym facilities encouraging fitness and the mental health benefits of excercise.

By constantly striving to autonomate all our processes, we regularly invest in the state of the art machinery and IT systems, to make sure that we are best placed to tackle our customers’ most challenging projects. The importance of not standing still, of making continuous investment in technology and innovation, is paramount to the development of the P.P. brand.