HD Plasma Cutting Services

12000 mm x 3500 mm, with maximum thicknesses of 40 mm and up to 45º bevel cutting

Achieve a high quality finish for thicker profiles with our HD plasma cutting services

P.P. Group is one of the most experienced plasma cutting providers in the UK. Our expertise and advanced profiling capabilities guarantee a high quality finish for profiles up to 40 mm in thickness. Providing triple the energy density of conventional plasma systems, our high definition Kerf UltraSharp plasma arc produces virtually square-edge cutting, processing complex carbon steel profiles with ease. It is also capable of automatically compensating for taper angles, enhancing accuracy.

Our weld prepping process includes the processing of V, Y and K weld preps and we are able to bevel and contour profiles up to 45° (top face only) in a single pass. In addition, our bevel plasma cutting is truly state of the art. It is perfect for profiles that require weld prepping for rolling and welding. Bevel cutting allows us to offer clients radius edge preps, countersunk holes and straight edge preps as part of the cutting process. This removes the need for lengthy post-cutting processes, reducing lead times and ultimately delivering considerable cost savings to our clients.

As with all our services, processes involved in our HD plasma cutting have been shortened through a combination of experience, expertise and equipment, to reduce lead times and offer our clients the most efficient level of service.


  • Free issue and full supply
  • Pressure vessel / boiler grade
  • Structural
  • Offshore
  • Abrasion / wear resistant
  • Chrome molybdenum
  • Quenched and tempered
  • Weathering
  • Medium carbon

Delivery times

Our dedicated fleet of vehicles can give you a premium delivery service throughout the UK and Ireland. We are renowned for our flexibility so please speak to us to discuss all the available options.