Computer Aided Design at P.P. Plasma

Computer Aided Design

CAD development service

Our CAD Technicians provide a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that complex fabricated assemblies can be accurately translated into individual flat profile parts.

As a well-established and experienced profiler, our strategic partnerships and commitment to constant innovation is the key to our success. We combine profiling, engineering and fabrication experience as well as client-specific knowledge to aid in meeting even the most challenging of projects.

Specialists in material utilisation

Using large area cutting machines and extensive nesting experience, we are able to provide improved yields across any process, leading to extensive savings for the client.

3D development service

Using various software programs such as SigmaNEST®, Autodesk® Inventor® Professional and SolidWorks® enables us to accurately create flat pattern drawings from complex formed and fabricated developments. Both standard and complex transitional pieces can be developed accurately and efficiently.

Breakdown of technical drawings into components

Using a number of file formats such as DXF, DWG, SLDPRT, IPT and STEP files, our CAD team has the ability to import your drawings, ensuring the accuracy of your original design.

Specialist in free issue material management with inventory management system

We guarantee 100% mill traceability on all our own material and can offer the same benefit with free issue stock if required. Client material is treated with care and benefits from the same yield gains as our own stock.