Image of sheet and plate metal stock


Group stock

We supply our clients with high quality profiles even in the most demanding of circumstances. We have excellent supply networks of all grades of steel, both mild steels and stainless steels, that allow us to process between 1000 – 1500 tonnes of steel per month without compromising delivery commitments. Our stock is of the highest quality, meeting industry standards at all times, with our exclusivity deals with major European partners, our customers have access to the most extensive stock range available in Europe on stainless steel stocks up to 150mm thick.

As one of the largest profiling and processing companies in the UK, we also have in our inventory extensive supplies of mild steel, boiler plate grades, abrasion steel and high yield steels. To complement this we also carry a wide range of stainless steels, duplex, super duplex, aluminium, 1.4003 and nickel alloys. We can source any material in all thicknesses; if you are having difficulty sourcing special grades – please contact us.

Commitment to quality

All materials sourced and processed by us are exclusively from European mills with full ISO accreditation in place; we will never compromise our quality for price.

All deliveries come with full mill test certification and a certificate of conformance.