Autonomation -- Automation with a human touch. Sometimes also known as automation with intelligence. This approach to material processing and manufacturing is commonly used by companies who adopt lean manufacturing principles.

DXF & DWG -- DXF is an abbreviation for Drawing Exchange Format and DWG is the most common design data format. These drawing formats are usually used by Computer Aided Design (CAD) departments when creating parts in various CAD-related software programs.

Edge Prepping -- A procedure involving an application of chamfer to a material edge in preparation for welding. The angle of the chamfer can vary depending on the welding requirements.

Edge Taper -- A draft angle that arises during the material profiling process; more prominent in plasma cutting than in laser and water jet profiling.

HAZ -- Heat Affected Zone is the area of plate which has its properties altered during a heat intensive cutting operation. There is no heat affected zone when cutting material using a water jet machine.

ISO Standard -- Is a document published by the International Organisation for Standardisation, which provides a set of requirements to make sure materials and / or processes are fit for purpose. The most common ISO standard is ISO 9001, which is related to a quality management system. In addition, ISO standards help companies to access new markets. For example, companies holding the AS 9100 certification can carry out work for the aerospace industry.

Laser Etching -- A process using a laser cutting machine to label or mark materials to assist in the identification of parts for final assembly.

Material Processing -- A set of secondary operations (e.g. pressing and rolling) carried out after profiling to transform a flat piece of metal into a cylinder / cone or any transitional piece.

QHSE Department -- A department that maintains the individual quality management, environmental management and health and safety systems. In addition, this department is responsible for the implementation of various ISO systems, such as the environmental system ISO 14001, quality management system ISO 9001 and health and safety system OSHAS 18001.

Stress Relieving & Normalising -- Part of heat treatment services that can be used to reduce the heat affected zone and prepare materials for secondary operations, such as machining.

Submerged Cutting -- A plasma cutting process where the plate is submerged in water for cutting to help reduce distortion, fumes and noise levels.