P.P. Plasmas high powered laser cutting machine

Laser Cutting Services

Up to 8150mm x 2600mm x up to 40mm thickness

Advanced laser cutting services

At P.P. Group we know the better the machine, the better the job. This is why we invest in the most technologically advanced fibre laser machines available, with bed sizes from 4000mm by 2000mm to 8150mm by 2600mm up to 20kW and a capacity to cut up to 40 mm in thickness. With our expert consultants and multiple facilities, our customers can rest assured that they’ll receive the highest quality service available with the shortest possible lead times.

Our laser cutting service, the most popular on the market, is utilised by a diverse customer base operating in a wide variety of industries; from oil and gas, aerospace and nuclear, to renewable energy and waste management. Our service also includes laser etching (information etc.) to simplify the manufacturing process and allow our customers to complete their project on time, every time.

Benefits of laser cutting

This cutting method involves the use of a high-powered, computer-guided laser beam to precision cut your base materials. With no wear on a laser beam, cutting is consistent and incredibly accurate. There is a lower risk of contamination due to the absence of a cutting edge and with minimal Heat Affected Zones (HAZ) the structural integrity of the metal remains intact.

The accuracy of P.P. Group’s state of the art laser cutting machinery allows for the cutting of highly intricate shapes and smaller apertures, with excellent tolerances. With an ability to laser etch hole positions and bend lines over multiple facilities up to 20kW, P.P. Group can confidently deliver a rapid turnaround for even the largest of projects.

  • Quick turnaround time due to multiple facilities up to 20kW
  • High cut quality and finish
  • Clean cut edge finish with virtually no taper
  • Highly accurate with very good tolerances
  • Ability to cut intricate shapes and smaller apertures
  • Ability to laser etch hole positions and bend lines, saving fabrication time
  • Fibre laser technology is environmentally friendly because it uses less energy

(Tolerances available on request.)

Delivery times

Our dedicated fleet of vehicles can give you a premium delivery service throughout the UK and Ireland. We are renowned for our flexibility so please speak to us to discuss all the available options.