Fabrication & Welding Services

Clear cut autonomous approach for all your processing and fabrication requirements

With continuous innovation, investment and award winning procedures, P.P. Group can truly offer a one stop, autonomous solution for all your fabrication and welding requirements. P.P. Group will take your design through to fully welded and coated fabrication; ancillary parts can be fitted if necessary, ready for installation or use. Drive motors, belts, fasteners, fittings, gaskets etc. are just some of the finished products. This meticulous attention to customer service has ensured our success for over 40 years.

With our ability and capacity to create cylindrical products from various materials, 3000 mm wide by 20 mm thick and our continuous investment in the latest technology, personnel and machinery, we are confident we will exceed your expectations. With a total floor space of 22,000 square feet and access to additional manufacturing space if required, we can accommodate challenging projects. We can use laser etching technology to mark component assembly locations, add text or bend lines reducing fabrication time.

Please click here to browse through our comprehensive fabrication and welding gallery, which demonstrates P.P. Group’s capabilities, as well as underpins our track record.

Fabrication Capacity List

P.P. Group produces high precision products, services and solutions to a broad spectrum of clientele; of which, mechanical, civil engineering, paper, textiles, water, air and filtration, foundries, rail and chemical are amongst the vast array of industries currently utilising the company’s extensive skills and experience.

The company specialises in the manufacture of pressure vessels, pipe work and general fabrications in stainless steels, carbon, duplexes and aluminium. Ongoing investment in the latest processing technology has facilitated the delivery of solutions to various industries. An innovative approach to processing techniques combined with strategic partnerships, has enabled the support of global supply chains.

The P.P. Group Of Companies Ltd is approved by Lloyd’s Register of Quality Assurance to BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

Work Shop: Large 22,000 sq. ft. fabricating bay in the 110,000 sq. ft. premises

  • 4 x 10 tonne overhead cranes
  • Crane height up to 5.2 metres from floor to hook
  • 7 tonne counterbalance forklift truck

Welding: Coded welding to BS EN 287 & 288 Part 1, ASME IX

  • MIG welding up to 550 amps
  • TIG welding up to 375 amps
  • Manual metal arc welding up to 375 amps
  • Arc air gouging

Plate Bevelling: Two Gullco bevelling machines up to 25 mm stainless / carbon steel

Plate Rolls:

  • Durmazlar – hydraulic 3 roll double pinch bending rolls 3050 x 13 mm
  • Roundo – pre bend rollers 3 metre x 20 mm plate thickness
  • Isitan – hydraulic 3 roll pinch rolls 1.2 metre x 3 mm

Cylinder Rotators: 5 to 20 tonne capacity

Press Brakes:

  • Adira – 250 tonne capacity, 3.2 metre x 10 mm
  • Bystronic – 400 tonne capacity 4 metre x 12 mm CNC controlled

Sawing: Alligator T300 – horizontal band saw, 12” capacity

Drilling: Asquith – 4’-0” radial arm, pedestal drills

Iron Worker: Kingsland – 75 tonne capacity punch and shear

Welding Capabilities

  • Welders qualified to BS EN 287 & 288
  • Coded welding to ASME IX & BS EN 15614 part 1
  • MAG/MIG welding up to 550 amps
  • TIG welding up to 375 amps
  • MMA welding up to 375 amps
  • Genset 320 amps
  • Arc air gouging

Delivery Times

Our dedicated fleet of Group vehicles and large capacity transport partners will provide a premium delivery service throughout the UK and Ireland. We are renowned for our flexibility, so please speak to us to discuss all the available options.