A member of the P.P. Group team at work

The philosophy underpinning the P.P. Group of Companies is one of constant innovation, supported by ongoing investment in the latest technology. To this end we would like to showcase a number of recent machine acquisitions across the group:

(i) At P.P. Plasma: a new polishing Timesaver machine

A primary concern of P.P. Group’s is the safety and wellbeing of all our employees. For this reason we have purchased a deburring machine to eliminate the risk to staff of Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) by reducing the instances of hand deburring. In addition, the working environment is cleaner as the dust particles are extracted from the atmosphere. In turn, this benefits our customers as parts are supplied with safer edges and a more uniform finish.

We can also supply profiles to a specific micro-inch finish saving time and money on secondary operations.

(ii) At P.P. Protube: HGG MPC1200

We now have a brand new hollow section machine capable of cutting profiles up to 1225 mm in diameter. It allows us to offer customers box section profiling up to 500 mm x 500 mm, along with longer lengths up to 14000 mm. The MPC1200 cuts with greater accuracy than older models as the material deformation is measured via laser triangulation to optimise the cutting paths.

In addition, new machine software enables us to offer our customers bespoke cuts and weld preparations previously not available.

(iii) P.P. Processing: a new Bystronic press brake

This machine sets new standards in our drive towards integrated and efficient manufacturing systems. Its capacity and specification (400 t x 4000 mm) covers 90% of our day to day client needs. Anything above that capacity can be produced on our 750 t x 6000 mm press brake.

This state of the art machinery brings the following benefits for our customers:

  1. Low set up costs and piece part prices for low quantity batches through to high volume work.
  2. Quick and efficient turnaround, from order through to delivery, due to integrated technology and automated programming functions.
  3. Extremely accurate parts with high repeatability due to pressure control technology; ensures that parts are always the same.
  4. The 6 axis back gauges provide flexible, accurate and repeatable complex and asymmetrical sheet metal transitions.

(iv) At P.P. Profiles: new 6500 mm x 2500 mm 6 kW laser

Our latest laser at P.P. Profiles offers greater bed sizes of 6500 mm x 2500 mm, allowing for larger profiling capacity. The higher laser power of 6 kW is capable of a greater thickness capacity of up to 25 mm.

Shuttle tables allow for loading / unloading whilst machines are in operation – meaning quicker turnaround times.

This new second laser cutting machine has doubled our laser capacity.

P.P. Group’s commitment to ongoing investment will not stop there; we will be implementing an investment program across The P.P. Group of Companies for the future that keeps us at the forefront of machine technology and manufacturing techniques.