Case Studies

The Project

P.P. Protube was asked to assist a FTSE 100 blue chip organisation with a large-scale project for an international petrochemical company.

The project, Quad 204, involved the redevelopment of two key North Sea oil and gas production facilities located off the coast of the Shetland Islands. The aim was to extend the lifetime of these fields so they could continue to provide the UK with a vital energy source until at least 2035.

Our experts were entrusted with profiling and weld prepping 6500 metres of carbon steel tube for 74 subsea structures, manufactured as part of this £3 billion project.

In total, our team needed to profile and weld prep 44 process fluid handling structures and 30 control distribution structures. This included:

  • Eight manifolds – ranging 56 to 131 tonnes, 10.8 x 10.8 x 9.2 metres
  • Three subsea isolation valve structures – 58 tonnes, 12.5 x 10 x 3.8 metres
  • 14 control distribution assemblies – 65 tonnes, 12.5 x 10 x 3.8 metres
  • Flow-line, riser end and umbilical terminations – 10-12 tonnes
  • Two dynamic umbilical termination assemblies – 20 tonnes

All of our work was carefully monitored using our unique traceability system, which enables us to trace any part from any structure back to an individual parent tube as required.

The Result

This was a challenging project, with Protube’s team profiling sections that will have to withstand a unique working environment of up to 550 metres below sea level. In total, we successfully completed the profiling and the weld prepping of all the tubular structures on the 2300-tonne fabrication. This work was done to a high standard and within the time limits set out in the brief.

Our contribution helped progress a project that will see oil production peak at 146500 barrels per day and gas production rise to 99100 cubic metres per day. Production at Quad 204 is expected to get underway in 2016.